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GSA Contract Holder # GS-03-002CA

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Impact Recovery Introductory Movie

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     - ImpactRecovery

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Product Literature

Product Catalog

Part Numbering Reference Guide

International Product Catalog

Curbing, overview

     - TUFF Curb®

     - TUFF Curb® XLP™

Tuff Post®

Bike Lane Protection Flyer

Permanent Markers (Hazard and Directional)

Pedestrian Safety

Pedestrian Safety White Paper


Sign Posts

Object Marker: K-Marker Brochure

LA Metro Sentinel™ BCB White Paper

Post Selector Sheet

SlowStop® Bollards Digital Catalog

SlowStop® Bollards Brochure

     - Rack End Protection

     - Handicap Parking

     - Store Front Protection

     - Guardrail Protection


Product Bulletins

Product Bulletin:  Retroreflective Sheeting May 2016

Product Bulletin:  Pedestrian Sign Sheeting December 2011


Installation Instructions

Surfface Mount - Fixed Base

Drivable Base

Tuff Curb®

Tuff Curb® XLP

Sentinel™ BCB

Guardrail Delineator

EBond Epoxy Data Sheet

Recessed Base

Type III Barricade

Maintenance Instructions



Impact Recovery Systems Limited Warranty

Impact Recovery Systems Product Maintenance


Approval Letters & Accreditations


MASH 2009 WZ-304: Tuff Curb® XLP

MASH 2009 WZ-317: Tuff Curb® XLP™ Additional Installation Methods

MASH 2009 WZ-318: Tuff Curb®

NCHRP-350 WZ-2A: Universal Approval of Devices up to 12"W x 60"H

NCHRP-350 WZ-110: Roll Up Sign Stands and Type 3 Barricades

NCHRP-350 WZ-140: Universal Approval of Devices with a Light and Portable Base

NCHRP-350 WZ-140A: Omni-Ped® and Solestrian® (Internally Illuminated)

NCHRP-350 WZ-176: Approval to Increase Maximum Device Width to 24" and Addition of Y2K Light

NCHRP-350 WZ-243: Tuff Curb®

TTI — Tuff Curb® Test Report

MP2 NTPEP Report



ISO 9001:2015 Certified & Registered

EN12767:2007 Approval – Metro-Flex Directional Sign Post

EN12767:2007 Approval – Metro Bollard Markers, Product Line (Class 100,NE,4)


Crash Test Reports

Metro-Flex Bollard

Hazard Markers

Tuff Curb® XLP

Tuff Posts


Material Safety Data Sheets

Epoxy MSDS