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Flexible Bollard Sign Post

High Visibility Flexible Parking Lot Sign Post

Using our Sta-Rite Aluminum sign post, we've increased the visibility and color options by adding a large, 7" diameter plastic bollard cover that flexes with the sign post using our reactive spring technology.  Ideal for parking lot handicap and reserved parking signs, the unit withstands bumper hits and returns to orignal postion.  Additionally, the bollard cover protect base and comes in a variety of colors.

These highly durable, yet light weight signs, utilize a white powder coated aluminum post in order to prevent warping and remain straight, even in harsh summer and winter conditions. The aluminum sign post is available with an 7" OD outer bollard constructed of durable plastic which simulates a formidable concrete barrier for added conspicuity. The parking bollard also supplies additional protection in order to prevent any damage to the post.

The 78" post is designed to place a handicap sign at 60" above ground level, per ADA specifications. Available 102" tall post places the bottom of a 12" x 18" sign 7' above the surface, per MUTCD specification for pedestrian travel areas. Signs posts come in two peices for ease of shipping.

Available with surface mount and in-soil mounting bases.

Bollard covers are available in yellow, white, tan, red, orange, light grey, grey, green, brown, blue, black, bright green and federal yellow.  Optional reflective material available in black, blue, green, orange, red, white, and yellow.


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