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OmegaPost High Speed Delineator

High Speed, High Performance Delineator Post

Introducing the OmegaPost from Impact Recovery Systems.  Made of a industry first high performance engineered plastic, the OmegaPost is the last post you will ever need.  NTPEP managed lane testing to be completed Summer 2019.  Uses our All New Quarter Turn surface mount base system.

  •         No fasteners to corrode
  •         Simple installation and replacement
  •         Durable, high speed performance
  •         Heavy load crush durable
  •         Type V abrasion resistanct sheeting
  •         Un-matched price point

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OmegaPost High Speed Delineator OmegaPost High Speed Delineator

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OmegaPost High Speed Delineator

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28", 36", 42"

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