Sentinel BCB - Between Car Barriers

Sentinel BCB - Between Car Barriers

Rail Platform Between Car Barrier System

Sentinel™ Between Car Barrier (BCB) was developed to address platform safety issues experienced by the transit industry. Sentinel is designed to alert visually impaired riders that the space between the cars is not a door opening, thereby deterring them from entering the area between the cars and falling to the rails below. 

Proven implementation across the country in Los Angeles, Seattle, Charlotte, St. Louis, and others.

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Ideal for systems that have elevated platforms and level boarding conditions with consistent rail car length. Sentinel is fully customizable for length and height of required uprights, with or without retroreflectorization. Installation is both quick and easy.

Sentinel’s uprights utilize our patented spring system that allows the unit to be traversed by wheelchairs or maintenance vehicles in the event of errant docking for excellent platform safety.
Meets UL 94 V-0 standards for fire retardancy.

Sentinel now comes with domed caps.

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