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2009 MUTCD Requirements for Bike Lane Signs

Cyclists are an important component to factor into roadway design.  Thousands of people opt to take a bike to work or other destinations every day, and providing a safe commute for those on two wheels is just as important as for those on four.  The 2009 MUTCD, or Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices, has strict guidelines in place as to the design and implementation of bike lane signs. 

Impact Recovery Systems provides traffic control devices, including custom-made bicycle signage.  The 2009 edition of the MUTCD outlines dozens of requirements for bicycle lane signage.  The proper type of messages on retroreflective signs are dependent on how the roadway has been constructed, the speed of traffic, the prevailing speed of bicyclists, length of the block, and distances between adjacent intersections, as well as a variety of other factors.  Impact Recovery Systems can create a sign to meet or exceed industry standards and conform to the needs of the specific area of intended installation.

There are a number of unique conditions that call for custom sign construction.  For instance, some bicycle paths require bike riders to yield, instead of vehicle users.  Yield signage for these scenarios must be erected so that car drivers are either not aware of the sign or are aware that it is not applicable to vehicular traffic.  Examples might be encompass areas where bicycles are required to yield to pedestrians or must use a pedestrian signal to cross the roadway. 

Selective exclusion signs are another instance where custom signage is required.  There may not be standard signs available for excluding traffic such as skaters, equestrians, or other unique traffic.  It may also be imperative to warn drivers that parking is not allowed on certain roadways because a bike lane exists.  Impact Recovery Systems can design and construct signage with virtually any message, depending on the type of traffic that must be excluded from an area. 

Bicycle riders are a permanent fixture on our roadways, and accommodations must be made for their safety.  Proper bike lane signs, whether standard or custom, are essential to keep both drivers and cyclists safe.