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3 Traffic Safety Products That Optimize Visibility and Minimize Confusion

Traffic safety products play a vital role in promoting visibility and communicating important messages along public roadways.  Some of the most effective products include these three safety features:

  • Bollards – These are used to limit vehicular or pedestrian access to specified areas. Bollards accomplish this by either creating a physical barrier or by conveying a “no trespassing” message.  Flexible bollards are usually made in high-visibility colors like bright orange and coated with retro-reflective materials, and are designed to bend rather than break if struck by errant motorists.  Permanent bollards are generally made from impact-resistant materials like concrete or steel and are built to prevent both accidental and intentional efforts to penetrate secure areas.  Bollards outside of public buildings may be 10 feet or more in length, several feet high, and serve double-duty as ornamental statues or flowerbeds.
  • Traffic Delineators – Similar to bollards in appearance, delineators are used to guide traffic rather than restrict it.  They’re ideal for use on existing roads where lanes are being added or modified, especially during construction periods when drivers may need to alter their route slightly to avoid work crews or other vehicles.  Delineators clearly mark the correct route to follow during such times, keeping both drivers and construction workers safe.
  • Hazard Markers – Dangers can crop up at any time along a section of road: potholes are created by extreme weather conditions, poor road construction, or high amounts of heavy traffic; sinkholes appear seemingly out of nowhere; shoulders crumble or collapse entirely; accidents occur that require extended cleanup periods; underground water pipes burst.  Hazard markers alert motorists and pedestrians to these and other dangers, and can communicate important messages like, “lane closed ahead; use detour.”


Whether their purpose is to send a message, modify traffic patterns, or limit access, traffic safety products play a vital role in everyday life for the safety of both drivers and pedestrians. Ensuring that these items are in plentiful supply is the responsibility of public safety officials everywhere.