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A Between Car Barrier Protects Pedestrians

A between car barrier safeguards pedestrian foot traffic from both errant motorists and out-of-control vehicles.  This function is especially important in parking lots, where impatient or distracted pedestrians often try to save time by walking in between parked vehicles or spaces.  These barriers protect human life and health in the following ways:

  • They work as a high-visibility marker that keeps motorists attentive when pulling to a stop.  This is important because both drivers and pedestrians may be distracted.  The bright coloring and substantial mass of a between car barrier alerts both groups to be wary of potential dangers, minimizing the odds of an accident.
  • They create a safety zone for foot traffic between automobiles.  This buffer zone acts as a physical impediment to oncoming vehicles, forcing them to stop before possibly striking pedestrians or other vehicles.
  • They serve as an effective yet mobile deterrent that work crews can set in place with a minimum of time and effort, and relocate on short notice to meet changing environments.  Installing a between car barrier can require nothing more than a pair of rebar struts set in asphalt or concrete and a light-duty tractor.  These barriers can be moved just as easily to accommodate lot restriping or resizing.

Parking Lot Safety Tips

Though a between car barrier is an effective safety tool, it can never replace an informed public trained in the fundamentals of parking lot safety.  With that in mind, here’s a quick refresher on rules for both motorists and pedestrians:

  • Never walk between parked cars unless there’s no other option.  Walk around vehicles, giving them a wide berth. Use marked paths whenever possible.
  • Keep an eye on the local environment at all times.  Be ready to get out of the way quickly if necessary.
  • Be courteous to others in the parking lot.  Remember that we’re all safer when we look out for each other.

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