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A Handicap Parking Bollard Safeguards the Rights of the Disabled

A handicap parking bollard can help to deter able-bodied persons from parking in zones reserved for the people with disabilities.  Such crimes have remained a persistent problem in American society since the passage of the original Americans with Disabilities Act.  Studies reveal that the following violations occur with disturbing regularity:

  • Use of fraudulent handicap parking signs. Sometimes the notice is counterfeit.  Other times it's stolen or "borrowed" from a disabled friend or family member.  There have even been instances of motorists using signs that were owned by a now-deceased handicapped person.
  • Applying for a disabled parking permit using false information.  Sometimes the applicant is completely able-bodied.  Other times they may have a minor physical impairment that doesn't qualify for handicap parking privileges.
  • The most common violation is unqualified motorists simply parking in a handicap spot and taking the chance they will not be ticketed.  This often occurs at convenience stores and similar locations where customers are in and out all day long.

There are many reasons why drivers disobey these laws.  Sometimes they're in a hurry; other times they're simply rude.  In each case, however, they run the risk of depriving a person with a disability of a needed benefit.  "When people are out shopping or dining, they need the spots," said American Association of People with Disabilities Mark Perriello in an interview.  "When they can't find them, it leaves people with disabilities out on the sidelines."

Unfortunately, there's no perfect solution to this problem.  Law enforcement agencies are already overburdened and are often unable to control parking.  It's up to private individuals to help safeguard the access rights of people with disabilities.  A handicap parking bollard is one tool for doing so.  Impact Recovery carries these products in a variety of styles to match any location.  Contact us today for more information.