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ADA Signage Requirements for Handicapped Parking

Every store, supermarket or business with a public parking area is required by law to be ADA-compliant.  In order to be ADA-compliant, the parking lot has to have reserved parking spaces for those who are physically handicapped.  These parking spots must be located near the building itself, so that a person on crutches or in a wheelchair can reach the entrance quickly and easily.  Parking spaces for the physically disabled must also have additional space on the side so that a person in a wheelchair or electric scooter can get in and out of his or her vehicle.

There are also ADA signage requirements that every business with a public parking lot must adhere to.  The signage requirements state that a sign with the international symbol of accessibility must be placed in front of the parking space and be at least sixty inches in height. However, a business may want to purchase signs that are higher than this, as the ADA states clearly that the sign must be visible above any vehicle that may be parked in front of it.

It is a wise idea to invest in high quality handicapped parking space signs.  While most signs of this nature are made using fixed steel tubing, Impact Recovery’s unique patented rebounding spring systems and aluminum sign post allows the sign to return upright should it be hit by a vehicle.  Impact Recovery carries ready-made signs that are 66", 72" and 102" inches in height.  However, if a business needs a sign of a different height, a custom sign can be created to fit any need.

Having handicapped parking space signs is not only required by law, but also helps those who are physically disabled easily find accessible parking spaces.  A company who wants to purchase high quality signs that can withstand a lot of wear and tear should check out the various handicapped signs available from Impact Recovery.  These signs are made to be ADA-compliant, come in various heights and will last for many years.