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An Overview of Temporary Traffic Control Products

Even well made roads need to be maintained and repaired from time to time.  In addition to regular maintenance, traffic accidents can also block a part of the road, requiring that the affected portion of the road be re-routed.  However, if the road is not clearly marked with temporary traffic control products, then motorists could have a serious or even fatal auto accident.

Permanent traffic safety signs are imperative to safe driving.  These signs let drivers know when to stop or yield; warn them about changes in the road ahead, such as when a two-lane road merges into a single lane; and inform drivers if there are sharp turns in the road or other dangers.  Temporary traffic control road signs perform a similar function for transitory hazards, so they do not need to stay in place for a long period of time.

Temporary Traffic Control Signs
Impact Recovery creates commonly used signs such as chevron signs, work barricades, vertical panels, opposing traffic lane dividers, and portable sign stands.  These signs can be purchased either individually or in bulk.  They are made using high quality materials and meet MUTCD standards.  These signs will not only protect motorists but also any workers who may be repairing or doing maintenance work on the road.

Impact Recovery also creates custom signs.  Uncommon events may require that a specialized sign or signs be set up along the road.  For example, an evacuation route will need to have clear signs in place to direct traffic.  Flash floods, fires and other uncommon events may also necessitate the closing or diversion of various roads.  Impact Recovery can create your customized signs quickly and efficiently.

Temporary Posts
In some cases, putting up temporary road signs is not enough.  If a sizable stretch of the road is being repaired, then it is important to put up posts so that motorists can clearly see the impacted area of road.  Posts provide lane delineation that will prevent cars from driving through an area that is not roadworthy.  Impact Recovery creates and sells three different types of posts: Tuff Posts, Tubular Markers and Delineator Posts.  Each type of post is brightly colored and can be seen both in the daytime and at night.  They can also be used when a social event requires that a portion of a street be sectioned off for pedestrians or other uses.

Curbing Products
If a curb, edge line, or median needs to be defined, it is a wise idea to invest in curbing products.  Curbing is commonly used in the middle of the road if merging or turning is not allowed.  Impact Recovery produces brightly colored curbing with reflectors that can be seen even in dim light or inclement weather. These curbing products are easy to install and remove as needed.

Pedestrian Safety
Pedestrian safety is every bit as important as road safety.  Unfortunately, tens of thousands of pedestrians are injured every year.  If a road repair job or auto accident affects one or more pedestrian crossings, it is important to put up signs warning people who may attempt to cross the road in the wrong location.  Impact Recovery produces pedestrian safety signs to indicate safe crossing locations.  Like all of the signs mentioned above, these signs can be easily set up, taken down, or moved as needed.

The importance of road safety cannot be overestimated.  Temporary traffic control devices are vital, as they warn drivers and pedestrians that road conditions have changed and caution should be exercised.  If an unusual event occurs, having the right traffic safety signs can save people from injury or even death.  Impact Recovery specializes in making temporary signs, posts and curbs that help motorists drive safely.