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Ensuring Rail Transit Pedestrian Safety: Essential Guidelines

Posted by KenParrott | 09 September 2019

As the world becomes ever more urbanized, rail transit pedestrian safety becomes increasingly important.  Ensuring the well-being of the millions of persons accessing modern rail systems is challenging, to say the least. One of the keys to meeting these challenges is to educate commuters about basic safety tips.  These should include the following guidelines:


General Safety Tips


Passengers should be alert and aware of their surroundings at all times.

Passengers should refrain from wearing headphones and limit the use of electronic devices like cell phones and tablets.

Passengers should use common sense and discretion when speaking to strangers, particularly in isolated areas.

Passengers carrying a bag or purse should keep it close to their body.

Passengers should keep their wallets in their front pocket.

If attacked, passengers should cry out loudly or blow a whistle to attract rail transit pedestrian safety officers.


Train Safety Tips


When waiting on a train, riders should stay in occupied areas.

During evening or weekend hours, riders should stay as close to the train operator as possible.

Riders should alert the operator or rail transit pedestrian safety officers if they are bothered or harassed.

Riders should avoid dark corners of the station or public streets.


Parking Lot Safety Tips


Commuters should walk briskly directly to and from their vehicles.

Commuters should scan the area in front of them and at their sides as they cross the parking lot.

Commuters should alert rail transit pedestrian safety officers if they spot suspicious persons or activities.

After reaching their vehicle, commuters should make sure that that it is empty before getting in.  They should lock the door immediately after taking a seat.


Platform Safety Tips


Riders should stand well away from arriving trains.  

Riders should take special care during periods of icy or wet weather.  This includes watching where they step and wearing slip-resistant footwear if possible.

Riders should take care when entering or exiting trains to make sure they clear the gap at their feet.


General Pedestrian Safety


When walking about the city, train riders should be alert to changes in street curbing elevations.

Riders should pay attention to both vehicle and pedestrian sign notices at all times.

Riders and other pedestrians should never assume that approaching vehicles will obey directions from officers or stop lights.  Instead, they should wait until motorists have stopped their cars completely before crossing the street.

Pedestrians should avoid showing cash, cell phones, tablets, jewelry, etc. while in public areas.

Pedestrians should dress for the weather.  During winter, they should wear extra layers.  During summer, they should dress in loose, lightly colored clothing.


Special Safety Tips for Children and Minors


Younger people who use public transit are at special risk, especially if they are not accompanied by a parent or other adult.  They should be taught to always obey the following rules:


Read and understand every pedestrian sign they see.

Avoid talking to strangers at all times.

Try to stay near rail transit pedestrian safety officers while commuting.

Go directly to their destinations without becoming distracted or venturing into strange areas.

Watch their step to avoid wet or icy spots.

Stay aware of what is going on around them.

Never venture from areas they know.

Never accept rides from people they do not know.

Carry enough currency to pay their fare.

Avoid using public transit after dark or during periods of inclement weather.




Ensuring rail transit pedestrian safety is more than a matter of putting more officers on the street.  It also involves educating the public with tips like the ones outlined in this post.  With a combination of public and private efforts, rail facilities can be kept as safe as possible, enabling commuters to use these valuable public resources without fear.

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