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Use of the Metro Bollard in Urban Settings

Posted by KenParrott | 10 October 2019

A metro bollard is designed to function well in densely packed urban settings.  It operates according to the “bend, don’t break” principle, an important factor in metropolitan areas.

Strength vs. Flexibility: the Ongoing Dilemma

Bollards have been used for centuries to guide traffic, manage access, and protect the public.  Bollard designers have long faced the challenge of balancing product durability with the realities imposed by the sheer power and bulk of transportation methods, including automobiles.

A metro bollard in Roman times and throughout most of history didn’t face such an issue of durability in fulfilling its purpose.  Because most humans traveled either by foot or by some type of animal-driven cart, accidents were rare and most travelers simply needed basic directions or protections.

All of this changed with the invention of the automobile.  The pace of mechanical technology exceeded the driving skills of many motorists, causing vehicle collisions to become increasingly common.  Public safety engineers, realizing the critical need for new forms of signage, developed metro bollards made from flexible materials.  These new products offered the following advantages:

·       The ability to command the attention of distracted motorists.

·       Resilient construction that could endure years of use.

·       Perhaps most important, the ability to “give” when struck by an errant vehicle.  This has helped to prevent countless injuries over the years while still achieving the basic purpose of a metro bollard, which is to inform motorists and generalize traffic.

Advancing Technology and the Metro Bollard: A Series of Ongoing Innovations

Today’s drivers have more things competing for their attention at one time than ever before.  Cell phones, computer tablets, roadway signage, and ever-denser streets make accidents both more common and, quite often, more severe.  To counteract this trend, a modern metro bollard may be enhanced with solar-powered LEDs, attention-getting colors, retro-reflective sheeting, and similar features.  As the demands on America’s transportation infrastructure grow, the metro bollard will continue to evolve to meet these challenges.

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