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Bad Weather Won’t STOP Troop 350

This past November, Impact Recovery Systems partnered with Gerald Doherty- leader of Boy Scout Troop 350 in Belleville, NJ to undertake a project that would benefit the city of Belleville, a local charity, as well as the boys of troop 350.

As many know, winters in New Jersey can be harsh.  Heavy snows blanket roads, and power outages leave city streets without the electricity needed to operate street lamps and traffic signals.  During these events, roadway travel can become stressful and in some cases, even dangerous.

Recognizing the city’s need for increased roadway safety during power outages, Gerald Doherty launched Troop 350’s Emergency Preparedness Service Project.  He contacted Impact Recovery Systems in the effort to supply the city with some temporary signage systems.

Troop 350- Belleville, NJ; Gerald Doherty- Troop Leader

Together, Doherty and Impact Recovery Systems devised a plan for this project that would give the Boy Scout troop the opportunity to help both the city and a local charity. The plan would be to supply the city’s police department with eight temporary stop signs with portable bases. These signs, manufactured by Impact Recovery Systems, were constructed of durable polymers and utilized high quality reflective sheeting that would offer high visibility even during low light conditions.

These signs are impactable, so that if they are struck by a vehicle, they will quickly return to their original position.  Ease of transportation and deployment in just seconds make these signs perfect for the Belleville Police department.

Highly visible and impactable temporary stop signs,
manufactured by Impact Recovery Systems.

In order to obtain the eight signs for the city, the troop would first have to raise the necessary funds equal to the cost of the signs.  However, the money raised would not go to Impact Recovery Systems.  Instead, the money would be donated to Belleville’s Community Emergency Response Team (CERT).  In return for the troop’s hard work raising the funds, Impact Recovery Systems would then supply the signs needed for the police department.

For the next few weeks, the troops worked diligently selling first aid kits in order to raise the money needed for the CERT donation.  Shortly after Christmas, the eight signs were shipped to Troop 350, where they were assembled in preparation for the presentation to the police department.

Troop members selling first aid kits to raise money
For the stop signs.

Shortly after receiving the signs, Troop 350 presented the donation check to the CERT team, as well as the eight signs to the Belleville police department. Both CERT and the police department were highly appreciative of the hard work of Troop 350, as well as the generosity of Impact Recovery Systems.

Troop 350 working together to assemble the stop signs
received from Impact Recovery Systems

Troop 350 working together to assemble the stop signs
received from Impact Recovery Systems

Presentation of the check to CERT, as well as the stop signs to the Belleville police department. (Pictured: Troop 350 members, CERT team &  police Capt. Vic Mesce)

Since that time, the eight sign have proved to be a great asset to the city. The Belleville police department already has plans to purchase more signs for future use.