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The Need for Increased Crosswalk Safety

Crosswalk safety has long been an area of concern for many cities and towns. Early methods for identifying pedestrian thoroughfares consisted merely of painted lines on the street that faded over time and were often difficult to see.  Legislation that required drivers to yield to pedestrians...

Continue Reading / Blog / Aug 11, 2011

Fire Lane Signs and Identification Devices

Fire lanes are one of the many types of special traffic zones that must be clearly identified so that unauthorized vehicles do not block the path of emergency personnel.  There is currently no national standard for emergency lane identification devices.  Fire lane signs and other similar...

Continue Reading / Blog / Aug 11, 2011

Pedestrian Safety for Kids: Fatality Statistics for Schools and Crosswalks

The topic of crosswalk safety is coming to the forefront of traffic safety circles, as the percentage of auto accidents involving pedestrians rises in most areas of the country.  According to the NHTSA, or National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, in 2009, a pedestrian was injured every...

Continue Reading / Blog / Aug 11, 2011

Motorcycle Traffic Laws & Safety Technologies

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the chance of having a fatal accident on a motorcycle is 35 times more likely than having a fatal accident in a car.  While this statistic is not meant to scare individuals out of purchasing or riding a motorcycle, it highlights...

Continue Reading / Blog / Aug 11, 2011

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