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Safety Bollards Take Many Forms

Modern safety bollards have evolved to take many forms.  Though their appearance may vary, their primary purpose remains the same: to safeguard the public by controlling access to off-limits areas.  At the same time, these irreplaceable products may perform double duty by also having multiple...

Continue Reading / Blog / Oct 17, 2016

Standards for Reflective Traffic Posts

hazard markersReflective traffic posts must meet standards set by the MUTCD.  This post will examine and summarize these guidelines.  Please note that this is a high-level introduction to the topic.  Detailed information is available in table 2A-3 of the MUTCD current edition.

Everyday practicalities...

Continue Reading / Blog / Oct 13, 2016

When Temporary Crosswalk Signs Are Useful

crosswalk signTemporary crosswalk signs serve a multitude of purposes.  They're especially helpful in areas where road construction is occurring, a new crosswalk is scheduled or where permanent crosswalk signs are damaged or nonfunctional.

Safeguarding the Public During Road Construction


Continue Reading / Blog / Oct 10, 2016

When to Use an In-Street Pedestrian Crosswalk Sign

in-street pedestrian crosswalk signAn in-street pedestrian crosswalk sign is useful for many types of environments.  These include:

  • Streets with three or more lanes that require a pedestrian crossing zone.  The most common examples are found in urban areas where pedestrian and vehicle traffic exist side-by-side.  An...

Continue Reading / Blog / Oct 06, 2016

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