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Essential Features of Traffic Safety Systems

Traffic safety systems must incorporate certain features in order to do their job.  America's infrastructure is always expanding, spurred on by a growing population and economic development.  The products that help to ensure public safety must function with this need in mind.  This post will...

Continue Reading / Blog / Aug 25, 2016

Visibility Is Key to Parking Lot Sign Posts

Parking lot sign posts serve a vital purpose—they convey important information and help to prevent accidents and injury.  They can only perform these functions, however, when they are easily visible.  Fortunately, psychologists have determined common factors that aid visibility.  These include:...

Continue Reading / Blog / Aug 22, 2016

Here Are the Basics of Rail Transit Pedestrian Safety

Rail transit pedestrian safety is a major priority for large cities across the globe.  Widespread mass transportation facilities have given people around the world improved economic, educational, and cultural opportunities.  These improvements are not without their share of associated risks,...

Continue Reading / Blog / Aug 18, 2016

Is an Open Grate Bridge Safe?

The open grate bridge design has been in use across the United States since the mid-1940s.  These structures offered many advantages that, at the time of their construction, made them a good choice for most locations.  Over time, however, their weaknesses have become apparent.  As the country...

Continue Reading / Blog / Aug 15, 2016

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