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Bad Weather Won’t STOP Troop 350

This past November, Impact Recovery Systems partnered with Gerald Doherty- leader of Boy Scout Troop 350 in Belleville, NJ to undertake a project that would benefit the city of Belleville, a local charity, as well as the boys of troop 350.

As many know, winters in New Jersey can be harsh. ...

Continue Reading / Blog / Apr 26, 2012

Highway Safety Improvement Program

The government has a compelling interest in making our roads safer for travel.  Every year, millions of deaths and injuries occur on America’s roadways, many of which are preventable.  On August 10, 2005, the Highway Safety Improvement Program went into effect.  This aid-based initiative...

Continue Reading / Blog / Apr 03, 2012

Improving Crosswalk Safety with Pedestrian Area Signs

According to a recent USA Today article, a pedestrian is killed at a crosswalk every 110 minutes and one is injured every 9 minutes.  Needless to say, these numbers are unnerving.  Many cities and local governments may be surprised to know that crosswalk safety could be drastically improved...

Continue Reading / Blog / Apr 03, 2012

Low Cost, High Yield: Traffic Safety Equipment

According to AAA, traffic accidents cost the country over $1,000 PER PERSON every year in terms of medical care, EMS and law enforcement services, diminished productivity, and property damage.  While individual motorists have little control over these numbers, entities that make decisions about...

Continue Reading / Blog / Mar 12, 2012

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