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Low Cost, High Yield: Traffic Safety Equipment

According to AAA, traffic accidents cost the country over $1,000 PER PERSON every year in terms of medical care, EMS and law enforcement services, diminished productivity, and property damage.  While individual motorists have little control over these numbers, entities that make decisions about...

Continue Reading / Blog / Mar 12, 2012

How do Reflective Glass Beads Work?

Traffic safety products have reached an advanced state of construction throughout the country.  Roads, signs, lines, paint and other elements of the road appear simple enough; however, advanced technological processes allow for roads to be built better and safer than ever before.  Reflective...

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Developing Highway Safety Plans

Transportation is the backbone of our capitalist economy.  Every year billions of dollars of food, consumer goods, and other products are shipped across our nation’s roadways.  Millions of people also take to the highways annually for travel-related purposes.  The FHWA, or Federal Highway...

Continue Reading / Blog / Mar 12, 2012

Solar Traffic Signs: The Backing Technology

A clear trend is emerging in society today: to be more environmentally-friendly in terms of the products we use.  The same trend can be seen in the way cities and local governments use energy to keep our roads functional and safe to use.  Solar energy has become a popular option to power...

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