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Motorcycle Traffic Laws & Safety Technologies

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the chance of having a fatal accident on a motorcycle is 35 times more likely than having a fatal accident in a car.  While this statistic is not meant to scare individuals out of purchasing or riding a motorcycle, it highlights...

Continue Reading / Blog / Aug 11, 2011

MUTCD Requirements for Bike Traffic Safety Signs

As vehicle technology has advanced, the conveyances that get us where we need to go have become faster and more powerful.  It is easy to forget about the humble beginnings of transportation, and they are sometimes neglected in larger road-building plans.  Fortunately, the Manual on Uniform...

Continue Reading / Blog / Aug 11, 2011

Toward Zero Deaths FHWA Program

More than 35,000 fatalities occur on our nation’s freeways every year.  These are largely preventable through the methods utilized in designing and constructing those roads, the way driving laws are developed and enforced, what the public knows about safety, how we respond to emergencies, and...

Continue Reading / Blog / Aug 11, 2011

Effective Hurricane Evacuation Routes

For many parts of the country, hurricanes and the havoc they cause are a way of life.  The thousands of lives that have been saved over the years are largely due to early warning systems and carefully-executed evacuation plans devised by local governments and other entities.  Evacuation plans...

Continue Reading / Blog / Aug 11, 2011

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