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Pedestrian Safety for Kids

A national movement known as Safe Routes to School is becoming increasingly popular in local US communities. The concept of this movement is to increase pedestrian safety for kids by increasing the number of children who bicycle or walk to school.

Various funding projects are being applied to...

Continue Reading / Blog / Aug 08, 2011

Rail Crossing Safety for Quiet Zones

For decades, trains have sounded their horns to warn motorists and pedestrians of their approach. Throughout the 20th century, almost every state in the country had laws that required trains to blow their horns at crossings. However, some local communities were allowed by their state to create...

Continue Reading / Blog / Aug 02, 2011

Traffic Safety Products Important for Rail Crossing Safety

In America, a train hits someone every 115 minutes. Nearly 2,000 people in the country are injured or killed from rail crossings each year. This number is greater than general and commercial aviation crashes combined. This has increased the need for motorists to exercise rail crossing safety...

Continue Reading / Blog / Aug 02, 2011

Impact Recovery Systems Celebrates 20 Years in Business

San Antonio, TX- On May 29, traffic safety product manufacturer, Impact Recovery Systems (IRS) celebrated its 20th year in business. Although IRS has been in business since 1991, its origin dates back much further.

In 1956, Frank Gruen started a Texas based business by the name of Flasher...

Continue Reading / Blog / May 26, 2011

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