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Pedestrian Safety Products: Visual and Physical Protection

Pedestrian safety products are designed to prevent accidents, promote the smooth flow of traffic, and improve the overall mass transit environment.  The means by which they accomplish these goals include conveying information, preventing illegal or reckless behavior, and, when necessary,...

Continue Reading / Blog / Mar 21, 2016

Traffic Separator Curbing Prevents Accidents

Traffic separator curbing is one way to prevent highway accidents.  The importance of these traffic features will only increase in the years ahead, as the need to upgrade America’s aging roadways leads to ever more road repair and construction.  This post will look at highway work zone...

Continue Reading / Blog / Mar 14, 2016

Six Ways to Improve Platform Safety

Ensuring platform safety is a high priority in today’s urban environments.  This is true not only in the United States but across the world, as more and more travelers leave their automobiles at home to use high-speed rail and other mass transit options.  Promoting safe passenger platforms is a...

Continue Reading / Blog / Mar 07, 2016

Why Chevron Panels? Traffic Marking Systems

Chevron panels are a type of traffic marking system, one that has been used for over a century to warn drivers about impending hazards.  The MUTCD specifies a wide array of signage designs for use across the United States.  While they vary in their exact details, they are united by common...

Continue Reading / Blog / Mar 03, 2016

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