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When to Use an In-Street Pedestrian Crosswalk Sign

in-street pedestrian crosswalk signAn in-street pedestrian crosswalk sign is useful for many types of environments.  These include:

  • Streets with three or more lanes that require a pedestrian crossing zone.  The most common examples are found in urban areas where pedestrian and vehicle traffic exist side-by-side.  An...

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The Major Types of Impact Recovery Systems

bollardsImpact recovery systems, also referred to as "street furniture" in Canada and the UK, are essential for public safety and wellbeing.  These ever-useful products fall into a range of categories depending on their construction and intended use. They include:

  • Bollards.  These are short poles,...

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Uses for an Omni Ped

pedestrian crossing signsImpact Recovery's Omni Ped system gives traffic control and safety departments effective, flexible, affordable solutions to the problem of maintaining crosswalk safety, especially at unsignalized intersections.  These innovative products offer the following benefits:

  • Easy portability for...

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The Different Types of Pedestrian Crossing Signs

pedestrian-crossing-signsPedestrian crossing signs are a common sight in the modern world.  They serve as both official notices and friendly reminders to motorists to be alert to those on foot.  The type of signage used varies depending on the local environment.  However, in all cases its purpose is the same: to manage...

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