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The Different Types of Pedestrian Crossing Signs

pedestrian-crossing-signsPedestrian crossing signs are a common sight in the modern world.  They serve as both official notices and friendly reminders to motorists to be alert to those on foot.  The type of signage used varies depending on the local environment.  However, in all cases its purpose is the same: to manage...

Continue Reading / Blog / Sep 26, 2016

Design Principles of Parking Lot Signage

parking-lot-signageParking lot signage serves an important role in safeguarding the public.  While most people associate automotive accidents with public highways, studies show that thousands of collisions occur each year inside of public parking areas.  High-profile messages can help prevent many of these...

Continue Reading / Blog / Sep 22, 2016

A Portable Stop Sign Can Come in Handy

portable-stop-signA portable stop sign is an extremely versatile tool for highway and public safety departments.  In many ways, it's like health or life insurance.  You may only use it once or twice, but the occasions in which it comes in handy more than justify the investment.

Living in an Uncertain World


Continue Reading / Blog / Sep 19, 2016

Essential Characteristics of Tubular Markers for Traffic Safety

tubular-markersTubular markers are among the most commonly used traffic control devices throughout the United States and Europe.  Their value relies on their conformance to standards set in the NHCRP Report 350 from 1992.  In this post we will cover some of the features of these versatile products.  Please...

Continue Reading / Blog / Sep 15, 2016

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