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What Are the Components of a Temporary Traffic Control Zone?

If a portion of a street or highway is not roadworthy for any reason, then it must be marked off so that motorists will be able to drive safely around it.  Traffic delineators, hazard markers and signs are used to warn incoming traffic that a portion of the road cannot be driven through.  These traffic safety markers and signs are also used to clearly show motorists where to drive.

There are four temporary traffic control areas.  These are the advanced warning area, transition area, activity area and termination area.  The warning area should extend out in advance so that drivers have enough warning of an obstruction in the road or a diversion of regular traffic.  Traffic signs and delineators on a highway should start at least half a mile before the activity area, which is the actual area where the obstruction is located or the work is being done.  On a regular street, the placement of advanced warning area signs is determined by the road's speed limit.

The transition area is the area that vehicle will merge or divert prior to the actual activity area.  This area should be clearly marked using appropriate signs and panel markers.  Chevron signs are useful in this instance, as they point the way for cars.  If traffic must merge into a single lane, then a merging sign should be used.  Hazard markers or vertical panels can be posted along the side of the activity area, so that drivers can clearly see the route that must be taken.

Properly marking an activity area is very important.  This is the area in which the roadwork is being done.  This area should be marked well in advance with traffic delineators; as well as the route that drivers must take to safely navigate the obstruction.  Having a well-marked activity space is key to ensuring the safety of everyone, workers and drivers alike.  Impact Recovery specializes in creating the signs, markers, posts and other safety products that will keep motorists safe.

The termination area should also be clearly noted.  The termination area is the area where traffic can once again drive at normal speed along the regular route.  It is wise to set up a sign warning motorists of the termination area in advance. Impact Recovery can make customized temporary traffic control signs, and the company also has a wide range of ready-made markers, signs and delineators to choose from.