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Controlling Event Traffic and Increasing Pedestrian Safety

During special events, parking and vehicular traffic always present a challenge.  Typically, extensive planning is needed in order to relieve congestion and ensure the safety of event attendants.  Pedestrian safety signs are also paramount when large crowds are present at an  event, as congestion sometimes leads to frustration, and in turn, poor decisions, on the part of both drivers and pedestrians.

Vehicular Traffic Direction Reversal
When large amounts of people are attempting to go to one place at one time, there tends to be far less traffic on roads leading away from the event staging area.  Event planners can take advantage of this phenomenon by implementing traffic direction reversal on streets leading away from an event.  Similar tactics are used for hurricane evacuation routes, where opposing freeway lanes are used to funnel traffic out of an area instead of toward it.  The same principles can be used during event staging in an effort to relieve traffic congestion.  Traffic safety and directional products can be strategically placed to direct drivers to the places they need to go. 

Channelization into Parking Facilities    
Street parking is often blocked off during major events, and instead, street-level and garage parking are used for event patrons.  This makes for less congestion and confusion, and also presents an opportunity for event organizers to channel traffic as desired using temporary traffic separator curbing and proper channelizing devices and signage.  Channeling drivers into parking garages before the event opening and reversing the flow after the event is over creates straight lines for entry and exit, which greatly helps manage congestion.

Pedestrian Safety during Major Events
By implementing the techniques described above, pedestrian safety begins to take shape.  Funneling traffic with impactable delineators and making it easy and fast for drivers to reach their destination makes the area much safer for pedestrian foot traffic.  Once drivers have entered a funnel their exit can be controlled.