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Crosswalk Safety for School Children

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, children ages 16 and under are the most at-risk for getting hit while crossing the street.  In order to protect them from dangerous and life-threatening accidents, it’s essential to encourage crosswalk safety when they’re on the road.

Whether they’re walking to school, to the mall, or home from a friend’s house, road and crosswalk safety is of the utmost importance.  Some tips for school-aged children to follow include:

Always use a crosswalk, if there’s one available.  Wait for any available signals to indicate you can cross, and look both ways before entering the street, just to be sure.

Take off your headphones.  When crossing an intersection or street, it’s important that you’re able to hear any oncoming cars or hazards.  You need to stop, look, and listen for any dangers before crossing.

Don’t stand directly on the curb when waiting to cross.  Stand back a few feet from the edge to prevent you from falling or tripping into the street.

Don’t try to stop or direct traffic in order to cross.  Wait for an adequate opening in cars, and then cross.

Be aware of weather conditions.  Bright sunlight, fog, and rain can all impede a driver’s vision and make it difficult for them to see you.  It can also make it hard to stop.  Make sure the vehicle is completely stopped and that the driver is aware of your presence before crossing the road.

Walk; don’t run, across the street.  Keep looking both ways as you cross the road to ensure there are no oncoming vehicles.

When crossing in front of a stopped car, be mindful of cars in other lanes, too.  Make sure they’re fully stopped and that the drivers can see you.  Make eye contact with each driver if possible.

If there are crossing guards available, always follow their directions.  Do not try to speed past them or use other streets to avoid them, even if you are in a hurry.

Crosswalk safety is of utmost importance for school-aged children.  Encourage your child to act responsibly when walking to school and crossing the road.  For more information on crosswalk safety, contact Impact Recovery Systems today.