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Crosswalk Safety: Signs Versus Paint

Crosswalk safety concerns continue to grow along with the population.  While any markings at these locations can help prevent accidents, signs offer several advantages over painted notices.  This is true for the following reasons:

  • Painted markings can be made obscure by automobiles or by adverse weather conditions.  They can also be worn away by heavy vehicular traffic.
  • Painted markings can be difficult for both pedestrians and motorists to see during evening hours.
  • Painted markings are of very little value in locations with four or more traffic lanes, or where posted speed limits equal or exceed 40 MPH.


Vertical signage is not only free of these disadvantages, but it offers these advantages:

  • Greater conspicuousness, due to being raised above the road surface.
  • The ability to easily add flashers for enhanced visibility.
  • The option of moving signs from one location to another on an as-needed basis.
  • The ability to convey specific messages appropriate to local conditions.  For example, signage is available in multi-lingual formats for places where residents hail from various cultural backgrounds.
  • Greater visibility during evening hours or periods of inclement weather.


Aging population points to need for additional crosswalk signage

One factor driving the need for additional crosswalk signage is the growing number of older drivers across the United States.  As the average age of motorists on the road increases, the overall level of traffic awareness declines.  While special training programs can help to increase their awareness, recent traffic studies show that increased signage along the nation’s roadways will be needed in the years to come, to ensure acceptable public safety levels.


High-visibility signage gives drivers adequate notice of approaching intersections, so that they can start braking sooner than they otherwise would.  It alerts them to the presence of schools, clinics, and other locations that call for added caution on the part of drivers.  With more cars, more bicycles, and more pedestrians using the nation’s roads and sidewalks every day, crosswalk safety is a major concern; the need for signs at both crosswalks and other locations will only increase in the future.  Impact recovery has an array of signs, and you’re sure to find one to fit your purpose, so stop by our website today.