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Customized Parking Lot Signage Promotes Safety

Customized parking lot signage helps to make public areas safer for everyone.  Many people are unaware that parking lots can be dangerous places.  Every year, hundreds of Americans fall victim to vehicle collisions or criminal acts in these areas.  While there is no one solution to this problem, high-visibility, durable parking lot signage can remind motorists to watch out for pedestrians and other drivers.  It can also alert people walking to and from their cars to keep an eye out for suspicious people and activities.

Parking Lot Safety Tips

The best way to reduce the number of lot-related crimes and accidents is through public education.  With that in mind, here are some related safety tips that everyone should follow:

  • Be on the alert when driving through a parking lot.  Pedestrians sometimes appear seemingly out of nowhere.  They often walk between rows of parked cars that make them less visible to onlookers.  Other vehicles are also obscured by parked cars, making the need for vigilance on the part of drivers ever more crucial.
  • Observe lot rules.  These are displayed on parking lot signage for everyone’s benefit.
  • Park as close to your final destination as possible. The more area you have to cover on foot, the more likely you’ll be the victim of a crime or accident.
  • If approached by a stranger in the lot, be polite but firm and keep walking.  If they request help, refer them to police, parking lot security agents, or other official sources.
  • If you will be returning to the lot after dark, make a special effort to park under overhead lights.  The more visible you are, the safer you will be as you approach your vehicle.



Parking lots grow busier and more crowded every day across the country, and there is no single solution to stop all accidents and crimes in these areas.  However, with a combination of effective parking lot signage and public awareness, it is possible to prevent most of these incidents.