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The Different Types of Pedestrian Crossing Signs

pedestrian-crossing-signsPedestrian crossing signs are a common sight in the modern world.  They serve as both official notices and friendly reminders to motorists to be alert to those on foot.  The type of signage used varies depending on the local environment.  However, in all cases its purpose is the same: to manage traffic and safeguard the public.

The simplest type of pedestrian crossing sign is no actual sign at all.  In the US, unmarked crossings are common, especially in small towns and rural areas.  The pedestrian is left to his or her own eyesight and good judgment, which is usually more than sufficient in areas where automotive traffic is light and/or intermittent.

The next step up is what are called “marked crosswalks” in the United States and “zebra crossings” in the United Kingdom.  These are simply stripes painted on the road surface.  Their purpose is to congregate foot traffic around a particular spot, so that motorists will be more alert to the presence of pedestrians.  Those on foot may or may not have priority over motor vehicle traffic, depending on local laws.

Marked crosswalks are sometimes accompanied by mounted pedestrian crossing signs.  These are common sights around schools, medical clinics, factories, and places of worship.  In many cases, the sign is equipped with a flashing light.  Traditionally, these have been powered by electric lamps, but LED panels are becoming increasingly more popular.  The light may simply flash, or it may require a pedestrian's activation.

Areas with heavy motor traffic may have a dedicated pedestrian skywalk or tunnel.  A skywalk goes over the local road grade, while a tunnel goes under.  These may be supplemented with specially designed pedestrian crossing signs.  They are common sights in urban areas as well as in some rural communities.

Pedestrian crossing signs may vary in design but serve one common purpose.  Contact Impact Recovery if you're in need of this type of signage.