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Drivable Base and Spring Product Bulletin


Date:                            August 2013

Products Affected:       All Springs for Drivable Base
                                    Drivable Base
                                    Socket Adapter

Change:                      Squared Drivable Spring Adapter

Impact Recovery Systems, Inc. is pleased to announce a product change which will affect our drivable spring system and corresponding bases.   We have changed the geometry of the lower portion of our drivable springs to be squared and to now fit a standard 2” x 2” x 12 gauge perforated square tubing.  This change brings the following benefits

Better Fit – Because it is now a squared spring adapter fitting into the square tube, the fit is better and there is increased resistance to twist.
Reduced Drivable Base Cost – Standard 2” x 2” square tubing is commonly available and less expensive to purchase than less common size used previously.
Flexibility – Customers may provide their own square tubing if they so desire.  A minimum length of 18” is required.

This change is being phased in effective immediately and will begin shipping as previous stocks are depleted.  The new spring design will still fit socket adapters often used in Europe.  For customers with existing IRS drivable bases, the old round design remains available as a special order.

For further information, please contact customer service at 1-800-736-4477 or visit our website at http://www.impactrecovery.com

Printable version available here.