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Essential Characteristics of Tubular Markers for Traffic Safety

tubular-markersTubular markers are among the most commonly used traffic control devices throughout the United States and Europe.  Their value relies on their conformance to standards set in the NHCRP Report 350 from 1992.  In this post we will cover some of the features of these versatile products.  Please consult the MUTCD or other official publications for more detailed information.

1. Resilience.  Tubular markers are designed to withstand direct impacts from high-speed vehicles.  Manufacturers accomplish this purpose by using injection molded ABS plastics stress-tested in a variety of punishing environments.  Most tubular markers are secured to the surrounding surface with a rubber base and connecting pins, which are also constructed from high-grade materials.  Other mounting systems use epoxy, metal, or butyl compounds.

2. Visibility.  Tubular markers are cast in high-profile colors such as orange and yellow, which easily command public attention.  Studies show that these tones catch the eye faster than other options, making them ideal for traffic control use.  Reflective bands are also used to improve visibility at all times of day and in widely varying weather conditions.

3. Versatility.  Tubular markers are made in a variety of height settings to match the needs of local conditions.  Commonly used configurations include 18 inch, 24 inch, 28 inch, 36 inch, 39 inch, 42 inch and 48 inch heights.

4. Configurations.  Tubular markers are available in both 180° and 360° designs for both two-way and omnidirectional visibility.

5. Applications.  Tubular markers are ideal for environments that require low to mid-level security safeguards.  They're designed to "bend rather than break," which minimizes the likelihood of property damage or human injury.  However, they are incapable of withstanding determined efforts to trespass, making permanent bollards a more effective safeguard in high-security situations.

Tubular markers are durable, affordable, and versatile.  Contact Impact Recovery today for a custom quote on these essential products.