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FHWA Requirements for Work Zone Traffic Control

Work zone traffic control is very important; even though road or highway construction is not uncommon, motorists must be clearly warned that such work is taking place.  Construction zone signs, traffic delineators, and hazard markers will help to keep motorists and pedestrians safe and prevent serious auto accidents.

The FHWA requires that a TMP (transportation management strategy) be made when planning road construction.  This plan addresses points such as the traffic control strategies and signage to be used while the construction is underway, community outreach, and strategies that deal with overcrowding of the road or the possibility of accidents.  It is important that the signs used during this time be durable and easily noticed by drivers.

Construction zone signs should be set up well in advance of the actual construction site.  This gives motorists enough warning so that they can turn and/or drive through the area carefully and safely.  Impact Recovery creates a wide range of work zone devices in various sizes that can be used to denote a change in regular traffic flow.  These signs use internationally recognized symbols to warn motorists to turn or merge lanes.

Custom work zone signs are also available.  These signs are made using high quality, highly visible materials and colors, and serve to warn motorists that they are approaching a work area and must take appropriate action.  Traffic delineators and hazard markers are also useful, as they mark off the actual area where the work is taking place; these are made in bright, colorful hues, and are visible even when it is dark.

Besides choosing the right type of construction zone sign, it is also important to choose signs that are the right height and width.  While the signs mentioned above come in various standard sizes, they can also be custom made if need be.  The signs should always be clearly visible from a distance.  Just how far in advance the signs should be placed is determined by local law, the type of road being marked, and the speed limit on the road.

The importance of work zone traffic control cannot be overestimated.  If a portion of the road is being affected by a construction or repair project, then appropriate signs, markers, posts and delineators should be set up to warn and direct motorists.  Impact Recovery specializes in creating construction zone signs and other safety markers that will protect not only motorists but also construction workers.