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Fire Lane Signs and Identification Devices

Fire lanes are one of the many types of special traffic zones that must be clearly identified so that unauthorized vehicles do not block the path of emergency personnel.  There is currently no national standard for emergency lane identification devices.  Fire lane signs and other similar traffic safety products differ from region to region, putting the application of uniform traffic standards for emergency lanes at risk of being misunderstood. 

Custom signs from a private corporation are often the best solution for the lack of uniform standards.  Municipalities can take input from other local fire departments, city services or from previous designs in order to develop signs for lane identification.  Signage and other devices should be similar in standards and appearance to other common traffic signs.  For instance, fire lane signs should be retroreflectorized, and have large clear lettering and symbols that are universally understood, such as a flame or fire truck silhouette. 

Further detail is also helpful in the overall design of these devices.  For example, a ‘No Parking’ sign should be approximately 12 inches wide and 18 inches high.  The universal P in a crossed-out circle should measure 7 to 8 inches high, with 1-inch bolded lettering. Arrows indicating no parking zones need to be about 9 inches in width across the bottom of the sign.  These elements, except for the P for parking, are to be printed in fire engine red lettering.  This coloring alerts drivers to the no parking zone.  Phrases such as “Fire Lane,” as well as any applicable fines provided by statute, should also be printed clearly. 

There are few more important initiatives than keeping emergency lanes clear for emergency personnel.  Unfortunately, there are no national standards for the uniform application of emergency lane identification.  Custom-made signs from the private sector are the perfect solution for entities that require state of the art signage and traffic safety products.