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First Responder Road Safety

A loss of power or traffic accident can compromise the safety of surrounding roadways.  Traffic lights, street lights, and other forms of electronic traffic control perform an important job, but are often taken for granted until they are no longer functioning.  First responders play a crucial role in road safety by placing portable stop signs at intersections in the event of a power outage or crash. 

This is yet another area where traffic safety products are effective.  Temporary and portable stop signs can easily be transported to a location and deployed quickly.  The rule of thumb is that when a traffic light is out, it becomes a four-way stop.  Many drivers, however, simply do not adhere to these rules or may fail to even notice that a light is out.  Clearly-marked, quickly-deployed signage at intersections is critical for saving lives and minimizing traffic disruption.

Sometimes power outages are not the problem—accidents are.  Collisions that occur at intersections can damage infrastructures used to power traffic lights and other traffic control devices.  Service personnel such as police officers, firefighters or first responders can be prepared with portable signage in the event of an accident or other incident that disrupts power to a single light or an entire intersection.  Traffic safety products that perform these functions are typically lightweight, inexpensive, and easy to transport. 

New technology makes traffic safety products more durable and effective.  Signs that are manufactured today have features like anti-twist technology and impact-resistant materials.  Signs made of steel and wood that are impacted at an intersection typically do not survive and must be discarded.  Impact-resistant models, however, can continue to be used and may incur minimal damage. 

Power outages and accidents are an unfortunate reality, and are sometimes unavoidable.  Circumstances that can be prevented are further accidents and loss of life at intersections that have lost power or are partially obstructed by an accident scene.  Portable stop signs with technologically advanced construction help first responders to save lives.  Durable construction enables agencies to maintain their stock of portable traffic safety products for longer periods of time without needing replacement.