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Mechanically-Enhanced Flexible Delineators Are More Cost-Effective

Traffic safety is a necessary but expensive business.  Local municipalities, states and the federal government spend billions of dollars annually for traffic safety products.  Many of these devices are constructed of materials like wood and steel, which are becoming outdated and less cost-effective to use.  These wood and steel devices are more cumbersome, heavier, and less durable than plastic flexible delineators.

Reboundable Traffic Products
Traffic delineators made of wood and steel are not a cost-saving solution.  These materials degrade quickly, and are susceptible to water and rust damage.  If they are struck by a vehicle, they can be twisted out of shape or completely broken off from their installation point.  Steel and wood are also substantially more expensive than plastic materials used in reboundable posts.  These posts also cause less damage to vehicles or pedestrians if impacted in the event of a traffic accident.

Installation of flexible delineators is also a cost-saver.  Steel and wood posts often need to be impacted into the ground.  Some models require holes to be dug before installation.  Reboundable posts, on the other hand, have reflexive anti-twist technology that allows them to bend when they are hit and then flex back to their original position.  As a result, they only need to be bolted to pavement or another surface.  This means they require less work to install, subsequently costing less.  

Depending on the materials used, traffic safety products can be cost-effective, or they can be extremely expensive.  Older models cost far more to produce, install, transport, and repair than newer models with advanced mechanical technology.  These devices are safer for pedestrians as well as roadway traffic.  Safety devices made of plastics are also far less susceptible to water damage or corrosion from rust.  Flexible delineators are more durable and able to withstand the inevitable abuse that comes from roadways.