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A Gorilla Post Will Go the Distance

Impact Recovery is proud to carry the full line of Gorilla Post products.  As anyone who works in the transportation or public sectors of the economy knows, modern signage must be both durable and flexible. It has to stand up to heavy-duty use and even occasional misuse.  Yet it must be adaptable to ever-changing environments.  The Gorilla Post family of products meets all these requirements, making it ideal for a wide variety of applications.

Here are some of the many advantages of Gorilla Post products:

  • Ease of installation.  Installing the sign base requires no excavation of the local site.  Simply drill holes for the included screws or, in the case of magnetic posts, secure the base to the surrounding asphalt surface with the included adhesive.  There’s no need to jackhammer through existing materials or alter the landscape to install Gorilla Post products.
  • Rugged anti-tampering qualities.  The magnetic Gorilla Post base exerts more than 400 pounds of force on the attached signage, making it virtually impossible for any normal human being to move without the product lever.  This makes Gorilla Post a great choice for all types of environments, including areas where theft or vandalism are reasons for concern.
  • Hassle-free change outs.  A worker can remove and replace Gorilla Post markers in under 10 seconds by using the product lever.  This is ideal for environments that require different types of signage throughout the day, such as school crossings, medical clinics, places of worship, and any site that sees increased foot traffic during particular periods of time.
  • Versatile uses.  A single Gorilla Post base can display virtually any type of signage needed, from retroreflective delineators to stop signs.  Think of how handy this product could be in construction areas or any location with a rapidly evolving environment.

Contact Impact Recovery today to find out more about our fine Gorilla Post products.  We look forward to hearing from you.