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Guardrail Safety Technologies: Increasing Conspicuity with Reflective Posts

Guardrail safety is essential for both pedestrians and drivers. Areas with pedestrian guardrails must ensure that these rails are effective at protecting the safety of the foot traffic.  Areas where guardrails are an essential part of keeping traffic on the road must use rails that are easily visible to all oncoming vehicles.  However, it is not always the most cost-efficient or effective solution to replace less conspicuous guardrails.  The visibility of most guardrails can be improved by the use of reflective posts or delineators.

Good delineators can increase the visibility of guardrail posts.  This is especially important in areas where drivers may struggle to see due to undulating surfaces or hills, bushes or other landscaping, curvy roads, or inclement weather.  Of course, the best delineators should be impact-resistant, flexible, and durable.

When project managers or DOT officials decide to reinforce the safety of their guardrails with delineators, they should opt to purchase ones that have been made out of high impact polymers or other very durable materials.  To provide drivers with greater safety during nighttime driving, the delineators should be reflective or use reflective sheeting. 

There are a variety of reflective posts that can be used to promote additional guardrail safety.  Depending upon the needs of the area, these reflective posts can be mounted at heights of between 33 and 48 inches above the actual roadway.  Special mounting systems make these delineators easy to affix to the wooden posts of steel guardrails.

Products like these offer roads the chance to improve their guardrail safety relatively cheaply and easily.  As indicated above, these products allow officials to bypass the need for replacing the entire guardrail systems.  The addition of reflective posts also represents a savings on labor costs. Their included holes make them easy to install, which allows their purchasers to save money on the cost of installation.  Furthermore, to ensure that no one has to waste money on replacing delineators, they have been created in a way that allows them to bend on impact and then return to their desired shape.  Adding these products to existing guardrails is an incredibly cheap and effective way for highway and city officials to promote guardrail safety without straining their budgets or other resources.