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Here Are the Basics of Rail Transit Pedestrian Safety

Rail transit pedestrian safety is a major priority for large cities across the globe.  Widespread mass transportation facilities have given people around the world improved economic, educational, and cultural opportunities.  These improvements are not without their share of associated risks, however.  High-speed trains can cause serious injuries or even death for unwary travelers.  Transit platforms themselves have hidden dangers.  The best way to prevent accidents is to train citizens in the basics of rail transit pedestrian safety.  Be sure to follow these basic rules:

  • Stand well away from the path of arriving trains.  Not only is the train itself a hazard, the wind gusts that precede it can easily knock people off their feet.  Experts recommend staying at least 10 feet away from the rail corridor whenever the train is in motion.
  • Wear skid-proof shoes.  Rail platforms can be slippery, especially during periods of rain or snow.  Even a thin layer of ice can cause debilitating injuries.  Rubber-soled shoes usually offer the best traction on most surfaces.
  • Practice basic courtesy with other travelers.  Pushing, crowding, and abusive language have no place in public locations.  Good manners help to promote a safe, pleasant atmosphere for all commuters.
  • Be especially careful when ascending and descending stairs.  Most steps in public locations are made from either steel or concrete, both of which can prove treacherous during wet weather.
  • Keep an eye out for suspicious activity.  This is one of the foremost tenets of rail transit pedestrian safety during these politically turbulent times.  Be especially cautious of abandoned luggage or containers.  Travelers should alert authorities if they fear something is amiss but should not try to inspect or move suspicious objects on their own.

Spreading public awareness of these rail transit pedestrian safety tips will help to prevent accidents and ensure commuters reach their destinations on time.