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How Bollard Signs Help Your Patrons

The world is rapidly changing.  Studies show that societies across the globe are becoming increasingly urbanized.  This mass exodus from rural locations is having significant economic and social effects, which are of importance to owners and managers of private properties as well as public spaces.  In this new environment, bollard signs can be especially helpful to business patrons.  This is so for the following reasons:

1. Bollard signs are more prominent than other common forms of signage.  This is due to the visual prominence of bollards themselves, as well as the enhanced height they give to notices mounted on top of them.  This fact alone will help patrons identify a particular location, especially when visiting it for the first time. 
2. Bollards are especially sturdy structures, designed to resist impacts from misguided motor vehicles.  This fact helps to ensure that patrons will always be able to see any notices placed on them. 
3. Bollard signs can be easily switched to match evolving needs.  For example, if a location undergoes exterior renovations to adopt a particular theme, the exterior signage can be changed to match the new motif.  This benefits both business owners and patrons by giving locations a more unified, aesthetically pleasing appearance.
4. When strategically placed, bollard signs not only inform the public but also play an important role in ensuring patrons’ access to private facilities.  This is especially true in parking areas, where they can serve as physical barriers to motorists who would otherwise park their vehicles too close together to allow entrance for customers. In the case of residential properties, using bollard signs in this way can guarantee availability to all residents, while ensuring that owners remain in compliance with accessibility statutes.

For these reasons and more, those in charge of private businesses should consider the advantages of bollard signs for their patrons.

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