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How Flexible Signs Enhance Security and Safety

Flexible signs play an ever-increasing role in urban areas across the globe.  As the pace of world economic development quickens, the need for these products will only increase.  Here’s a look at the basic principles that govern their use.

Designed to Bend Rather Than Break

Traffic signs and bollards, in some form or another, have been used by city planners for thousands of years.  The ancient Romans used them at crossroads to direct travelers to major cities within the Empire.  Their use continued through medieval times and into the 19th century, when the first motor vehicles began to appear.  In modern times, traffic signs and bollards are common sites in cities of all sizes.  They serve the following purposes:

  1. To convey important information like local speed limits, distances to common destinations, and in many cases, the presence of road construction crews or other potential hazards.
  2. To direct traffic along desired paths.  For example, engineers may mandate the placement of reflective, flexible signs along winding roads to alert drivers to the presence of sharp curves.
  3. To prevent access to off-limit areas.  For example, steel or concrete bollards are often used to block automobile access to bicycle or walking paths.

The question when using any type of traffic sign is: how much force is required to accomplish the desired goal?  This is important, because permanently affixed markers can cause property damage, injuries, or even loss of life when struck by motor vehicles.  This risk is warranted in some locations, such as areas close to high-security government facilities.

In other cases, however, flexible signs accomplish the purpose without creating safety hazards for errant drivers or cyclists.  This fact makes their use desirable in most low-security settings.  Combined with their affordability and aesthetic appeal, flexible signs and bollards will continue to perform an important role in ensuring public order and safety.