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How Parking Bollards Can Deter Theft

Parking bollards can deter theft when used properly. While no single measure can completely eliminate theft, bollards can effectively serve as part of an overall security strategy. Here are some guidelines for their proper use:


·      Installers should place parking bollards around the perimeter of the location where crime is a concern. This will send a message to potential lawbreakers that the zone is likely to be under special surveillance. It will also help alert law enforcement officers to the need for enhanced patrols.

·      To reinforce those visual cues, bollards should be installed close enough to each other to make their presence conspicuous.

·      Officials should consider installing parking bollards with additional features at locations with a history of security issues. These can include LED lighting modules and lanyards for attaching lengths of chain.

·      Workers can paint parking bollards in bright colors like yellow or red to increase their visibility. This is worth considering as an added security measure.

·      Parking bollards used to enhance security should be well-constructed with interior concrete cores surrounded by steel and firmly secured into the earth.

Additional Steps to Achieve Parking Lot Security

·      Work crews should keep shrubs and other plantings trimmed back and as low to the ground as possible; this will help to deny criminals a hiding place.

·      Parking lots should be kept well-lit at night to provide further deterrence.

·      Officials should post notices in parking lots outlining basic safety precautions for motorists' benefit.

·      When the budget permits, surveillance cameras can provide a valuable supplement to parking bollards and other anti-crime measures.


The need for added security in urban areas will only increase as economic development continues across the globe. By using proven measures such as parking bollards, officials can curb crime rates and make public areas safer for all those who use them.