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How Tuff Post Channelizers Work

Tuff Post channelizers are ideal for virtually any location that requires enhanced traffic control measures.  They’re especially ideal for marking edge lines, turn restrictions, narrowed traffic lanes, and entrance/exit lanes and ramps.  These products offer the following advantages:

  1. High levels of impact resistance.  Studies show that a single Tuff Post channelizer can withstand 50 vehicular impacts at 55 mph without significant damage.
  2. Easy installation.  Simply attach the Tuff Post to one of the many compatible bases.  Work crews can even install Tuff Post channelizers along unpaved roads and pathways.
  3. Post-collision rebounding from any strike angle.
  4. Made with highly reflective materials that are easily visible from all directions.
  5. Made from durable components that withstand hydrocarbons, intense sunlight, ozone, and other factors that would damage or destroy other products.
  6. Available in 36, 42, and 48-inch heights for a variety of environments.
  7. Meet MUTCD requirements for products of their type.

Tuff Post channelizers are made with Impact Recovery’s patented spring assembly.  This built-in mechanism returns the post to a 90° position once the source of the collision has been removed.  This saves workers time, enabling them to focus on more essential tasks.

Tuff Post Channelizers and the MUTCD

The MUTCD defines traffic control devices as “all signs, signals, markings, and other devices used to regulate, warn, or guide road users, placed on, over, or adjacent to a street, highway, private roads open to public travel, pedestrian facility, or bikeway by authority of a public body or official having jurisdiction.”

Tuff Post channelizers fall under this definition.  As such, they provide an effective aid to traffic regulation when used according to MUTCD guidelines.  These products should only be used with Impact Recovery’s official Tuff Post bases, curb liners, and ancillary products.  Browse our site to see the many types of Tuff Post products available.