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Impactable Delineators Make Protected Bike Lanes Possible

Impactable delineators provide an affordable, effective way to mark protected bike lanes.  Known also as curbed bike lanes, physically separated bike lanes, or simply cycle tracks, these bike-friendly pathways are the next step in creating a true multi-user public transportation infrastructure.  The benefits to society include improved health, reduced pollution, and growing freedom from motor-driven vehicles, especially for short trips.

The ABCs of Protected Bike Lanes

Protected bike lanes are marked by impactable delineators, permanent bollards, and other safety measures that exploded in popularity in recent years.  In 2013, there were about 140, and as of summer 2015, there are now 230 protected bike lanes in 77 cities, according to the Green Lane Project.  The organization Bikes Belong is working with major cities across the nation to promote adoption of protected bike lanes.

Cycle tracks protected by impactable delineators or other measures include the following benefits:

  1. Greater participation in cycling.  Studies show that many people who would otherwise ride bikes are deterred by fear of vehicle collisions.  Creating a buffer zone with impactable delineators is one way to remove this psychological roadblock.  The result: more people on bikes getting healthy exercise.
  2. Reduced likelihood of bike-vehicle collisions.  Automobile-bicycle wrecks cause hundreds of injuries and fatalities every year in the United States.  In 2012, 722 people were killed in cycle fatalities in the US alone, and many thousands more were injured.  Causes include riding without a helmet and alcohol impairment.  However, cycle tracks are one part of an effective solution to the problem.
  3. Improved driving experiences for users of motor vehicles.  Drivers frequently complain about bike riders that swerve into automobile lane or disregard traffic signals, which increases the likelihood of accidents.  Just as bike lanes protected by impactable delineators can protect cyclists from careless drivers, they can also safeguard motorists from inattentive bike riders.


Because of their ease of installation and relatively low cost, impactable delineators are a great way to mark separated bicycle tracks.  Public safety officials should consider these products when determining whether or not to add protected bike lanes to their community.