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Important Traffic Safety Products for Rural Roads

Ensuring both driver and pedestrian safety on rural roads requires the use of several crucial traffic safety products.  These include the following:


  • High-visibility signs advising drivers that they are approaching a settled community.  This is especially important given that the main streets of many small towns often do double-duty as state highways.  Motorists find themselves having to transition from driving at high rates of speed to slowing down as they approach more densely populated areas.  Signs reminding them of these changes can help them to “shift gears” mentally.
  • Rumble strips or in-pavement notices that become more common as vehicles approach towns.  These work hand-in-hand with signs, helping motorists to change from highway to “in-town” driving modes.
  • Signalized pedestrian crossings within small towns.  These are especially important at public institutions like the local post office, as well as commonly frequented businesses like medical clinics and food markets.  Depending on local traffic patterns, these can either operate according to preset patterns or on an “on demand ” basis with pedestrian-actuated signals.
  • Specialty markers at locations with occasionally heavy foot traffic.  In rural areas, these can include areas where state fairs are held and where livestock herds occasionally cross pavement. 
  • Signs alerting drivers to watch out for motorized agricultural equipment on public roads.  A driver from New York City who is on vacation in farming country isn’t likely to expect a slow-moving tractor in the middle of the road.  However, this commonly occurs in many areas during planting and harvest seasons. 
  • Notices advising motorists of wildlife crossings.  Animals typically follow established trails that lead to streams or places where they can find food.  All too often, these paths cross public roadways, making appropriate signage at such locations extremely important.


With the problem of distracted driving becoming more common, the problems facing public officials will only increase in the years ahead.  Fortunately, increased use of traffic control products should help to meet these challenges, ensuring high levels of public safety in rural areas.tr