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Improve Driver Awareness with Traffic Separator Curbing

Traffic separator curbing channelizes the direction of vehicle travel.  It’s especially useful around construction sites and other locations that require short-term, enhanced driver control.  To accomplish its purpose effectively, traffic separator curbing should include the following features:

  1. Easy portability.  Crews should be able to move traffic separator curbing to wherever it’s required.  Most of these products are made of high-density plastic, which enables them to withstand the occasional errant vehicle while remaining in place, yet be light enough for workers to relocate on short notice.
  2. Traffic separator curbing should be set at uniformly accepted heights, such as 36 inches, 42 inches, or 48 inches, depending on local needs.  This uniformity helps to make these products more visible to drivers.
  3. Traffic separator posts should feature two or more reflective bands, each of which is a minimum 3 inches in width.  The highest band should be within 2 inches of the top of the post.  This enhances uniformity and visibility.
  4. While portability is vital, traffic separator curbing must also be sturdy enough to stay in one place even in severe weather conditions.  It must resist high winds, hot or cold weather, and other potential hazards.
  5. Traffic separator curbing must be made in high-visibility colors such as orange, red, and bright yellow.
  6. Finally, traffic separator curbing must be substantial enough to command motorists’ attention yet light enough for crews to easily move about.


Today’s world is constantly changing.  The rapid pace of economic development demands flexible, easy-to-implement solutions to the challenges of a rapidly evolving transportation infrastructure.  Traffic separator curbing serves a vital role in this process.  When properly designed and used according to proven guidelines, it can prevent accidents, ensure smooth traffic flow, and safeguard lives.