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Improving Crosswalk Safety with Pedestrian Area Signs

According to a recent USA Today article, a pedestrian is killed at a crosswalk every 110 minutes and one is injured every 9 minutes.  Needless to say, these numbers are unnerving.  Many cities and local governments may be surprised to know that crosswalk safety could be drastically improved with the placement of simple and cost-effective pedestrian area signage. 

The Solestrian® Difference
Motorists are less likely to stop at intersections that are not controlled by stop lights.  Of course, erecting a stop light and running it day in and day out costs cities hundreds of thousands of dollars every year. Solestrian illuminated messaging signs provide the perfect solution for poorly lit intersections or those without traffic lights.  These signs feature fully customizable front and side panels to alert both drivers and pedestrians to local laws or ordinances concerning pedestrian rights at crosswalks and intersections.  They are easy to install and far less costly than installing and running a full time blinking traffic light.  These solar traffic signs durable blow-molded construction and an anti-twist spring system helps prevent damage to the sign when it is struck by a vehicle.   

Protection from Omni-Ped®
Sometimes even the best designed and well lit intersections are not enough to keep pedestrians safe.  Omni-Ped from Impact Recovery Systems provides added warning for drivers at intersections.  This non-illuminated pedestrian sign is also fully customizable and offers high conspicuity.  Both the Omni-Ped and Solestrian models alert pedestrians to vehicular traffic that they may not be aware of.  They also have an impact-resistant anti-twist design that reorients the sign toward traffic after impact.  As an added benefit and assurance of quality, both of these devices were winners of the ATSSA (American Traffic Safety Services Association) 2010 innovation award. 

Intersections, especially those with crosswalks, are some of the most deadly pedestrian areas.  Every year thousands of vulnerable road users lose their lives in traffic accidents.  Impact Recovery Systems seeks to reduce these numbers by developing cost effective and innovative products to enhance crosswalk safety.