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Low Cost, High Yield: Traffic Safety Equipment

According to AAA, traffic accidents cost the country over $1,000 PER PERSON every year in terms of medical care, EMS and law enforcement services, diminished productivity, and property damage.  While individual motorists have little control over these numbers, entities that make decisions about road safety do.  Traffic safety equipment presents low-cost solutions to help minimize the cost drivers are paying on an annual basis due to unsafe roadways. 

Roughly 43,000 people die on roads around the country annually.  While some of these deaths are isolated incidents that could not have been prevented, many could have been.  Having proper signage, channelization equipment, crash barriers and other devices erected in appropriate areas can help reduce driver fatality rates.  High visibility traffic control devices are a fraction of the cost to states and municipalities as are the annual costs of traffic accidents.  Preparing a roadway for safe travel saves everyone time, money, and ultimately, lives.    

Addressing these huge numbers means that states must increase their efforts for safety planning and implementation.  While increases in manpower through law enforcement, EMS and educational efforts will help the overall issue, these solutions are incredibly expensive.  Traffic control devices can be acquired and implemented at a much lower cost and with a much higher return than other methods.  This is especially true when comparing the cost to that of lives lost or health care rendered.  When a traffic accident occurs, there are few people left untouched by its impact.  Insurance rates go up, city services that could have been used elsewhere are taxed and delays in productivity ripple throughout society. 

Traffic accidents cost Americans over $160 billion every year in damage, services and lost productivity.  Low-cost traffic safety products are a cost-effective solution to reducing the number of accidents that occur on America’s roadways.  Increased service personnel, such as police and EMS workers, are also a great solution; however, they can be incredibly costly.  Traffic safety products deliver a high return on investment as well as peace of mind.