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Motorcycle Traffic Laws & Safety Technologies

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the chance of having a fatal accident on a motorcycle is 35 times more likely than having a fatal accident in a car.  While this statistic is not meant to scare individuals out of purchasing or riding a motorcycle, it highlights the ever-present need for properly designed motorcycle traffic laws and the effective use of traffic control products.   

Work zones are frequently a scene of dangerous accidents involving motorcycles. The impatience of many drivers due to traffic delays that can exist in work zones combined with the increased maneuverability of a motorcycle, provide an enhanced opportunity for an error in judgment that could easily result in an accident.  Erecting highly visible traffic control devices such as vertical panels, opposing traffic lane dividers, and breakaway barricades ensure that drivers will see construction zones coming and will know when they end.  A motorcycle’s low profile can create blind spots for the rider that encourage them to attempt to circumvent delays when traffic slows in front of them, creating an increased likelihood that an accident will result. 

Motorcycles are a unique form of conveyance and sometimes need unique signage to be operated safely.  Custom signs to warn of high water areas, reduced speed zones, or of special road conditions that can be dangerous for bikes such as loose gravel are often needed.  Some standardized versions of signs do not adequately warn bikers of upcoming dangers.  For example, certain roadway conditions, such as steel plates or grooved pavement during construction or road resurfacing, present more of a hazard to motorcyclists than to other drivers. These may warrant additional signage for the benefit of motorcycle riders.

Motorcycles are an economical, efficient, and popular form of transportation.  Millions of people ride motorcycles every year without incident; however, they can present dangers to the riders that do not have the same kind of impact as those present in an enclosed vehicle.  Cyclists encounter dangers when they may not expect them, such as in work zones or other circumstances where drivers are slowing down.  Proper placement of traffic safety devices will ensure that drivers, as well as bikers know what to expect.  Custom signs are also very useful when cookie-cutter versions of uniform road signs are not adequate for unique modes of transportation like motorcycles.