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Omni Ped: Four Sides are Better than Two

Impact Recovery’s Omni Ped sign base can serve both short and long-term signage needs in a variety of environments.  This product is especially useful for marking pedestrian rights-of-way, footpaths, and temporary crosswalks for public events.  The Omni Ped offers the following benefits:

  • Construction from lightweight yet durable materials that make the base easy to move about as needed, while enabling it to withstand all types of weather conditions free of damage.
  • A four-corner design that both stabilizes the unit and allows officials to publicize information about local traffic conditions or ordinances.  Plus, it’s easy to update the display to meet changing needs.
  • High-visibility colors that command the attention of otherwise distracted pedestrians and motorists.
  • The Omni Ped can be used in both signalized and un-signalized environments.
  • “Bend rather than break” spring-loaded construction that enables the unit to stand up to collisions with pedestrians, cyclists, and even low-speed motor vehicles.
  • Full compliance with MUTCD regulations.
  • Priced so that even organizations with modest budgets can afford it.

The Omni Ped is just one of many high-quality products offered by Impact Recovery.  We carry a wide range of public safety products designed to meet the needs of law enforcement agencies, safety departments, and highway construction crews.  We also offer superior client service in the form of helpful blog posts, informative public seminars, and detailed information here on our site about every item we sell.

About Impact Recovery
We formed our company in 1991 with the goal of providing durable, dependable products like the Omni Ped for both public and private entities.  Since then we have grown to service a variety of clients worldwide.  We have the experience and knowledge needed to craft effective solutions for your safety equipment needs.  We will gladly assess your situation and work up a no-cost quote for your consideration.  Contact us today to find out more.