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Pedestrian Safety Tips for Parking Deck Design

When architects and planners work on parking deck design, they must consider some crucial elements.  For instance, they must consider the sizes of contemporary cars in relation to the widths of ramps and the angles of turns, and predict how future changes in car design might impact the ability of cars to move through these areas.  They must evaluate the roads surrounding the deck, determine where the booth will be placed, and settle many other issues. However, passenger and pedestrian safety should be at the heart of every decision they make.

There are several important pedestrian safety tips that should be integrated into every parking deck design.  To prevent the risks of certain crimes, stairwells should be open and elevators should have see-through panels. There should also be emergency buttons that can alert local police in the event of an emergency.  Floors should be coated with a non-slip surface, and the air should be monitored for carbon monoxide.  In addition to all of these matters, designers need to ensure that the space keeps pedestrians safe from vehicular traffic.

The most effective way to keep pedestrians safe from entering or exiting traffic is to provide adequate signage in and around the parking area.  All pedestrian walkways should be properly marked, as should all external roads and major buildings.  To help avoid driver confusion, all parking deck signs need to have clear and simple messages.  These signs should be clearly visible so drivers can read them quickly and respond appropriately.

In addition to signs, floor coding will help to channel cars in the right directions. To channel cars in and out of the parking deck, high impact curbing is an extremely effective option.  These reduce the potential for accidents, and encourage cars to stay in the right lane.  Finally, the addition of pedestrian calming zones protected by bollard will increase pedestrian safety.

Parking deck design is a critically important aspect of creating safe and useable parking areas. To ensure that both cars and pedestrians can move through these areas quickly and safely, designers should follow these pedestrian safety tips.